The concrete sidewalk as it follows the streets through the neighborhood provide a convenient place to get your workout. The area greenway trails, that are growing longer as cities and towns add more miles, get away from the motorized traffic and into a quieter setting surrounded by vegetation and connecting parks. Further into the woods are the single track trails through the larger parks that gives you a view of wildlife that may outrun you. There are groups out there preparing for a track sprint, simple 5K, triathlon or marathon. After the run is done most groups have the option to go eat and drink. If you like to challenge yourself, the area events range from the numerous 5K events to the few marathons. With so many 5Ks event raising money for medical research, helping the poor, rescuing animals it is easy to find one mainly during the spring and fall weekends. The longer the distance, the fewer events there are but there are some all the way to how far can you in 24 hours. There are specialty fun events including eating and running.


Getting out for a ride on the bike lanes on thoroughfares around town excellent way to exercise. More options become available as greenways are extended to connect parks and neighborhoods providing more time pedaling. In the are area parks the gravel trails and single track that meander through the trees. The are groups for both road and dirt riders with fun and training events. Although the are some road events, most competition stays in the woods for varying distances.


Taking your modified car out for a long drive on the area’s remaining country roads or to a car show for the camaraderie and competition. There are clubs that are specific the brand or make you drive that have private events at regional tracks and broad groups that cover the sports or muscle cars or offroad vehicles. To compete there are two short tracks and the occasional autocross but most events are outside the area.