Eating and Running

Begun as a dare among friends to run 5 miles and to eat 12 doughnuts within an hour, the Krispy Kreme Challenge could only be thought of by college students. From the start at North Carolina State University (State), the race runs through Raleigh to the nearest store where the eating is done then returns to campus. The event raises money for the North Carolina Children’s Hospital that can treat the resulting gastrointestinal problems and is located at the in-state rival University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Carolina).

Inspired by the Krispy Kreme Challenge, the Doughman was started by more crazy college students and features cycling and “swimming” (floating on a intertube in a kiddie pool) in addition to running with food supplied by local restaurants. These students attend Duke University (Duke) which is a rival to both State and Carolina. The event is held in Durham and benefits Seeds which grows healthier food than served at the contest.


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