West Point on the Eno


For trail runners and boaters, the West Point on the Eno Park has trails through the riverside forest and the Eno River. The 388 acre park that is owned by the City of Durham is located on on both banks of the river between the main entrance in Roxboro Road, US 501, and Guess Road.

Trail runners have a choice of the Eagle Trail in the north side of the river, the appropriately named South River Trail and shorter trails that can be run in combination with the longer trails. The Eagle Trail, named in appreciation of the Eagle Scouts who made many improvements, goes the entire distance of the park, is part of the Mountain to the Sea Trail and can be seen on the right hand side of the picture.

Boaters and use their canoes and kayak to navigate down the river while seeing the wooded areas next to the water and floating by the rocks in and on the banks of the water.

For more trails and river there is the adjacent Eno River State Park on the upstream and western side of Guess Road.


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